General Contractor – Construction Manager

SEPTA Suburban Station Renovation
Philadelphia, PA

Extensive renovation of Philadelphia’s busiest commuter rail station created a vibrant commercial hub for Center City. As the General Contractor on a multi-prime, multi-phase project, Daniel J. Keating Company completed the work over a 3-year period while the station remained in operation, serving 100,000 patrons daily. Covering more than three square city blocks underground, the work included extensive restoration of the 1930s ticket window and marble walls, and installation of eight new elevators for accessibility, new warning tiles, upgraded lighting, and new way-finding signage. Entrances were brightened to increase visibility, improve circulation, and support the retail and service operations. While historic fabric was retained and restored wherever possible to preserve the character of the historic facility, electronic technology, building systems, signage and finishes were introduced throughout to create an exciting and marketable retail environment and provide efficiency, comfort, and security consistent with the Station’s key position in the City.