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Franklin Square Station

Daniel J. Keating was selected as the General Contractor for the comprehensive renovation and refurbishment of the abandoned historic Franklin Square Station located at 7th and Race Street in Philadelphia. The station originally opened in 1936 and has since then been open and closed sporadically. The last renovation of the station was over 30 years ago between 1976 and 1979. The renovations will allow the station to be fully functional and in line with the existing Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO) stations, connecting neighborhoods across Philadelphia and South Jersey. The neighborhoods surrounding Franklin Square Station are experiencing a surge in growth so it is evident that the reopening of the station will be of great benefit to residents, businesses, and visitors.

Overall Cost / $27,000,000
Owner / Delaware River of Port Authority
Architect / Sowinski Sullivan Architects
Project Status / Anticipated completion of Spring 2024

The extensive renovations and refurbishments will include the following: installation of ADA compliant elevator, escalator and ramp, relocation and replacement of decades-old water transmission lines, construction of a glass headhouse to create an ADA-accessible, light filled entrance, green roof to minimize environmental impacts, a skylight over stairs and transparent walls for daylighting and to emphasize the viewshed of Franklin Square Park, and salvage and restoration of the original underground aesthetic – the green and white tiles dating back to the 1930s will remain.