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Daniel J. Keating Company has a long-standing, intense commitment to safety on all of our projects. We have developed a comprehensive, multi-faceted Safety Program that has yielded beneficial results, with ZERO INJURIES being the primary goal of the program.

All of our Project Managers and Superintendents are OSHA certified. In addition, Daniel J. Keating Company employs 5 in-house Safety Officers as well as outside Safety Consultants, whose specific duties are to ensure the safety of the workers and persons present on all of our job sites.

The Daniel J. Keating Company Workplace Safety Committee meets monthly at our offices to discuss various safety issues and concerns, including the availability and provision of state-of-the-art safety equipment to our workers. We also hold quarterly Safety Meetings for all Project Managers and Superintendents where specific safety concerns (e.g. fall protection, electrical hazards, and excavation issues) are addressed with experts in an interactive setting.

Daniel J. Keating Company has specific experience in implementing such a highly-focused safety program on school, campus, and public space projects, recognizing that additional hazards and safety concerns that are present in these types of environments. On a number of projects, we have successfully implemented mandatory drug testing and criminal background checks for all workers, and have developed a computerized administrative process for our safety officers to keep such records current and systematic.

It cannot be emphasized enough that for Daniel J. Keating Company, safety comes first.


Since its founding in 1911, Keating has adhered to a policy of inclusion and diversity, consistently seeking to offer business and work opportunities to minority, female, and disadvantaged persons in the area. Keating has been recognized for its superior results in promoting equal opportunity on projects, as well as for the time and effort the Company has given to support the City of Philadelphia’s outreach programs. Pierce Keating presently serves on the Mayor’s Advisory Commission on Construction Industry Diversity.